TravelTroovel: A Travel Affair

“I wish I could do that”, “I really wanted to do that but then I didn’t have time”, “Oh damn! That is so good, glad you could take out time to do that”, “I know I am good at it but I don’t have time to do this”, “I wish someone would have encouraged me back then”.

Do these phrases sound familiar? You must have used these at some point or the other. Well, our major encounter with these phrases happened in April 2016 in a very random and casual dinner table conversation. The use of these phrases by a few of us that night led us into a discussion about the fact how one is not able to pursue their interests or hobbies in the present times due to a variety of reasons like the busy work life, family responsibilities and the entry of many gadgets into our life. At this point, we felt the need to do something that would help people including us to spend some time with the things we like to do. We felt that something needs to be done for the folks around to reconnect them with their interests and hobbies or help them find some hidden talent within themselves that they may want to pursue in their lives ahead. The next step at that point for us was to find a way to do so. We racked our brains further for at least a month or so and it was then it struck to one of us to that other than the interests and hobbies, there is one more thing that everyone loves to do and that was travel. However occupied one is in their lives, they do manage to take out some time for travel. This is when we decided that we will use travel as a medium to reconnect people with their interests. This is how the concept of TravelTroovel developed and thereafter we started taking baby steps towards its further planning and execution. It was on the 20th August, that we officially launched it. So what exactly is TravelTroovel? TravelTroovel offers interest-based trips. Each trip has an interest as a theme. Anyone coming on the trip, gets to explore their interest with a touch of freshness. We are merging travelling with interests and hobbies to add another dimension to the existing travel plans and make them exciting.

It’s time to start troovellin’.

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