The Journey Within

I have always told my friends that I am not that inclined towards music even though I listen to it. Strange? The thing is, I do not have the patience to listen to an entire song at one go, I do end up changing the song in between or zone out. Also, I do not understand beats and rhythms that well. Maybe, these things add to my reluctance towards accepting the fact that I like to listen to music just like everyone else does. Well, this may sound a little complicated, but then that’s how it is.

The interest for the maiden trip of TravelTroovel was chosen to be music (ironic?). This led to an eruption of way too many thoughts in my head but I decided not to express this to the team and go with the flow. I chose to take this as a challenge and gain the most out of it. Preparations began in all aspects to make sure that the first trip was a huge success (btw, it was). As the days passed by, I felt a little more inclined towards the interest of the trip. And finally, a day before the trip, I had two happy moments. One, that things went as planned, the trip was finally happening and two, I felt a little achievement as I could feel my reluctance stepping away from me.

The trip began with a bang, all music enthusiasts and happy troovelers were on-board. On the first day in Chandigarh, we had a visit to a recording studio arranged. At the studio, our music bud (mentor) Apurav Singh, a singer and a music producer, took a master-class on music production. After the session, a couple of our troovelers ended up trying their hands at recording as well. I was standing in one corner, enjoying every bit of it and capturing the happy faces. I wanted to try recording something too but couldn’t gather the courage for it. Early next morning, we left to head to our final destination, Shelapani, which was 7 hours away. It was a very musically inclined ride and troovelers enjoyed every bit of it. Upon reaching Shelapani, I quickly ran inside towards our homestay, Dwarika Residency, to check if things were in place, to set my camera in one corner and to welcome the troovelers. The moment everyone entered the premise, their jaws literally dropped seeing the pretty wooden house and the mesmerizing view around it. A sight to remember (both ways :p).

That evening we had a karaoke session and surprisingly I knew the lyrics to a lot of songs. It was hard to believe but it was another little happy moment. Followed by this, Apurav and one of our troovelers Aakash Diwan had a great jamming session. We were in awe and swayed to their tunes. By the end of it, everyone and precisely the non-singers including myself were singing at top of our voices. The next morning, we went to visit the nearby places and Pabbar River. It was one pretty sight with the soothing sound of the waves flowing and crashing subtly to the many stones on its bank. This entire day, I had been humming the various songs from the previous night.

After we returned, Apurav conducted a session where he turned us all into music with the help of some software and microchips and everyone could produce their own music be it the beats or lyrics to any song. It was definitely a musical night with some amazing performances by the troovelers later. The last day of the trip started with a short meditation session and everyone after that was just soaking in everything that they could from that place. We left post breakfast and had a pleasant journey back, laughing and making the bonds stronger.

The entire trip, the people, the music sessions, being an organizer, was a great learning experience. For the record, I really got inspired from the #MusicWaalaTravelTroovel.

By Arunima Girotra

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