Join the TT Hobby Circuit

Painting? Acting? Dancing? Writing? Baking or Cooking? Singing? Do you play any instrument? Do you know any unique art form? What is your thing? We are looking for you.

Well, if you are good at any of these (or at least think you are), this is the right blog for you and you can join our ‘TT HOBBY CIRCUIT‘! Now you’d be wondering what that is?

It is a community of creative souls who get to be a part of our team as mentors for our hobby trips and weekly hobby sessions.

Now you ask, how is it advantageous to you? As you join the Hobby Circuit, you get

A new medium to showcase your talent.

A chance to be the ‘lead artist’ for our hobby trips and weekly hobby sessions.

A new way to meet people.

An interesting community of like-minded people to collaborate with.

You get to earn and travel.

 A 10% off for the upcoming trips and sessions (for interests other than your forte) because we’d want you to join us anyway.

TOH KYA TUM MEIN HAI WOH BAAT? Sign up here – and we’d get in touch super soon.

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