Guhagar: A place that leaves an imprint on your soul..

I’m a software engineer. Boring?! Yeah, I know. My life revolves around deadlines, meetings and my laptop. Quite depressing and melancholic. So one day, I’m at the office and my friend calls me to say that there is a team of people, called Travel Troovel who organize interest-based trips to different parts in the country and their next one was to a beach in the Konkan called Guhagar and the theme was music. He had been to one of their trips and loved it. My first reaction: I have never even heard of this place! He said that’s the best part about these people, they plan the trips to the lesser known parts in the country rather than the known and famous ones. So, I thought I’ll just enroll for the trip, after all what harm could it do to fill a form. Then a few days later, I was frustrated with my work a bit more than usual and was running through my Facebook news feed when I came across a post from Travel Troovel. It was the video of their previous trip to Shelapani. The location they chose was beautiful! The view was amazing and so were the sessions. That’s when I decided that I was going for the Konkan trip – Beach Pe Beats. I finished all the formalities of payment etc., which were quite simple. On the day of the trip, we were all supposed to meet at the railway station. I was super excited, but also, super lazy and hence, was a little late. My friend and I reached the Pune Railway Station and saw a bunch of people gathered around a tempo traveler. They were all a group of young, laughing and amazing people. The entire vibe of the place was very happy! So we went ahead and introduced ourselves. The organizers, Manika, Arunima and Apurav, were all very warm and welcoming. The other Troovelers, as we now call them, were pretty cool too. So, we set off to Guhagar. People from all sorts of professions, different parts of the country had come along. We all chatted on the way, got to know each other. Then we played some music oriented games. When we reached the location, it was around 5 in the evening. The house we were booked to stay in, was this little cute place. We all just jammed our bags in the hall and went to check out the place. Behind the backyard, was this stretch of land with gigantic palm trees and beyond that, was a sight that took my breath away! There was a beautiful stretch of sand, deserted! No human being as far the eye could see! And when I slowly looked beyond the sand, it was then that I saw the waves, the huge splashes of aqua that had turned to a timid orange under the setting sun. There and then, I was glad that I had come to this trip. Most beaches in India are crowded and dirty. This one, was neither. I had never seen a setting so serene. We all then went to our rooms and changed into our beach clothes and ran towards the water. The feeling of waves touching your feet is the calmest feeling I have ever experienced. I have been to some beaches before, but this place was something else. And then I turned around. All I saw was a huge expanse of tall palm trees swaying with the gentle breeze. And I was ecstatic. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We then stepped into the water and played for a while and then just stood looking at the beautiful sunset, saw the hue of water change from orange to pink to red and to black. Later in the evening, we gathered at the shack, which was this small shed at the end of the trees, with a view of the sea and the sky. Since it was night time, the shack was decorated with beautiful yellow fairy all around it. Apurav, who was the music buddy took a session on “Guitar learning made easy – some tricks of the trade”. I did not know how to play but have always been fascinated with it, so it was very new and interesting for me to learn and try my hands at it. That session struck a chord in me, if you’ll pardon the pun, and I want to buy a guitar and take lessons now. Then, we had the ridiculously fun game called “Silent Headphones”. I have no words to describe that, other than “a shit load of fun!” This was followed by a lot of talking and humming. Next morning, we woke up and had a Yoga session on the beach, with the sound of the waves in the background. It was so peaceful and calming! And then we were back in the water, splashing it, laughing and enjoying every bit of it! Back on the shack, the team had organized a music oriented treasure hunt for us, which my team lost by a close margin *sad sad*. Then we had lunch, which was amazing, and then went back to singing. Around 4.30 in the evening, we went to the beach and there it was, the beautiful sea, just waiting to welcome us. We also played a little volleyball in the water. That evening, Apurav had organized a little activity with a music software and some vegetables. It was quite creative and fun! Then, we all danced by the bonfire. After that some of us went to the beach to enjoy the moonlight and the rest of us went back to bed. Next morning, which was the last one at the beach, we spent some time in the water for the last time, had some great breakfast and set out to travel for Pune. We chatted all the way and enjoyed the view and got back to the Pune City well in time. To be honest, I have never spent 3 days so peacefully ever in my life. This trip gave me much much more than I expected out of it. It gave me peace, satisfaction, new friends and revived my lost love for music. Thank you Travel Troovel! You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work! Hope to join you all again soon! Waiting for the #DanceWaalaTravelTroovel

Lots of love, Simran (Juke Box 2 :P)

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