A Tryst with the Konkan Coast

In December 2016, I took this trip to the beach of Guhagar with TravelTroovel. It’s a travel based startup with a fresh concept revolving around interest based trips. This particular trip was aimed at reviving one’s interest for music, while strolling in the white sand beaches of Guhagar.

Now, Guhagar lies stranded on the Konkan coast of India, secluded from all sides, from the chaos of the adjoining region, by hills. The nearest metropolitan city is Pune, at a distance of around 285 km by road crossing the undulating terrain of the hills surrounding the city, it gives the journey an effect of Nirvana, to reach the destination.

Now, after having spent one full day in the light blue sparkling waters of Guhagar, a couple of friends and I planned to take refuge in beach volleyball. Little did I know that this activity , disguised as one of the most important life lessons, would leave me with an unprecedented gift.

The sun had set and the quiet of the sea was replaced by the mighty rumbling of high tides. The frolicky had made us careless, unaware of the sudden change in surroundings. We, as carefree souls, continued to play even deeper in the waters. All of it happened way too fast for me to register, but whatever memory I have was of emotions, of anger, ego and anguish. Anger of the sea, my ego to hit the ball as fast as possible, resulting into sheer anguish of my right dislocated shoulder. The entire force of the serve was misaligned due to the sudden incoming wave, and my right hand had taken the brunt, with a pop!

Guhagar is an inaccessible city, inaccessible to any modern medical infrastructure. The nearest hospital was 100 km away from the beach and with poor road infrastructure, I had to wait. I spent 5 hours that evening, beside the shore, in sheer agony, amused at the way the situation had unfolded itself.

Looking at the once so beautiful shore, at the calmness, I realised I did not have the same appreciation for it as I had before the incident. All peace, all bliss, everything positive in me for the place was gone. And I realised how relative things around us are. No matter how pretty the outside is, one can truly enjoy only when the inside is at peace. Peace needs to be sought from within. And from that moment, I have never forgotten the most meaningful words I have come across.

‘The world is as you are within’

I knew something within me had snapped. I had transformed. I am truly thankful to Guhagar for making a better person out of me. I cannot forget how selflessly Team TravelTroovel had come to the fore, offering help and comfort without which, I am pretty sure I would have had a permanent injury. Rightly so, I can never forget the place, the people and the lesson.

By Akash Behl The Patient Trooveler

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