Updated: Jan 21, 2019

By Garima Malviya An Inquisitive Trooveler

The new in-thing these days are vacations. Every now and then I see some or the other Facebook friend uploading their “#HolidayPictures”, each picture captioned with some random travel quote. Such banality!

Here I am, listing down 10 things I hate about travelling, because who wants to get out of their painfully constructed routine and head out to some “new place”!

First and foremost, Landscapes & Sceneries. I mean who wants to wake up to a view? Why would I want to see a lake or a beach or walk in the woods when I can well be pushed around in metro & bus queues?

Next on list is Sunrises & Sunsets. Much the same like sceneries I don’t get what the fuss is about waking up early to catch a sunrise. Fine! I don’t see it every day (or any day) because of the high rise buildings around but then again it’s a natural phenomenon! What’s so special about a beach sunset anyway?

Third up is food. I have been eating the same food all my life, why in world would I want to taste something different? What if I like it? Who wants to eat aloo-ka-parantha in a road side dhaba? I have a Momos Stall near my office, why do I have to try the real one from the North-east?

In continuation to the above, I want to add Chai to the list as well. I am tired of people telling me their chai stories. The ones where they had their best tea at some unexpected location while travelling. This one time a colleague told me about how he had the best Kahwa (Kashmiri Chai) while waiting for clearance at a check post in Leh-Ladakh. And he said, “These are the stories you tell your kids!” Do you?

Friends tell me that travelling gives time to think. As if you don’t get time to think in your daily life and to think what?! Who wants to think about the world or the greater purpose of life?

People often read or listen to music when they are travelling. So, next up in the list is the time to revisit their interests and hobbies. Okay, so I agree we don’t have time to pursue our hobbies now that we have been inducted into the corporate/household life. But then again, why should we? We are grown-ups now. We should do what other grown-ups do. Work hard and take the stress! We don’t need hobbies to get back to our inner selves. We were born to function like this. Get up, eat, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Hobbies may be food for soul but they don’t pay bills and all our lives’ aims should be to pay bills…isn’t it?

Alright, so what’s with this experiencing the cultural diversity thing? We have read about it in our school books, haven’t we? Also, we have the endless resource of the “Internet” with us. We can easily Google up any place we want to? Wouldn’t it be better than going to that place and then learn?

The kind of job that I have right now, does not involve meeting new people much. Even if I do meet new people, they are from similar walks of life, which makes blending in easier. Meeting new people while travelling would mean, meeting people from different social backgrounds. How would I blend in? Why will they understand me? I can’t understand their language. Maybe, we don’t even share a common language..then what? What if they try to teach me a thing or two about their culture? Oh God, the horror!

Another hashtag that I often come across with #holidays is #refreshed. How can a vacation refresh you? If you have to get refreshed, go to the movies or to the mall or for shopping. Why take up travelling? What’s with “in the lap of Mother Nature”? What magic is it going to do?

Worst of all, I hate to get back to my normal life after a trip. I hate it the most. I miss the fresh air, the freedom of my soul, the disarray of routines, the suspense that every path holds, the time I get to do what I enjoy doing rather than what I’m made to do. Every time I get back to my normal life I decide not to go back to my wanderlust because believe you me, once back here, I’m not the same person, I’m not the “sane” person, I was before.

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