Arunima Girotra

A media graduate from Mumbai University, she has dipped her feet in both ad and journalism. She grew up in 6 different cities soaking in their cultures. She is quick to adapt and make the place her own. Extremely adventurous and observant, she wants to travel to the untapped parts of the world, explore every corner, meet new people and experience their cultures. She likes shooting and clicking happy faces. You will find her beaming with joy at a Beach. She believes in taking care of small things so that the big things eventually fall in place. She is always hoping for an exciting future ahead for herself with a smile.

Akanksha Trehan

A balanced and easy-going person, she takes things very seriously when it comes to work. She has worked with MNCs in the past delving into the world of engineering and codes before jumping into the ocean of entrepreneurship. Singing and music is something that soothes her soul, and she has got this love for music from her dad. You would often find her humming while she enjoys her alone time. For her, travel is something that gives perspective to new cultures and more importantly to life. She likes to have a positive approach and enjoy life.

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